Essay On The Impact Of Technology In The World

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Technology has impacted the world greatly in many different ways through more healthcare advancements, apps, different types of communication and more. It also has made a negative impact. It has a negative impact over the world because it is an addiction. Whether it is to apps or the screen, it has its ways of controlling all different ages. This new advancement called technology has affected people’s behaviors, the brain, kids, adults, and even our vision. Technology will keep improving, but now is when society decides if they approve or disapprove of technology and its effects all over the globe.
In our daily lives people are learning new and improved technology. For example, homework is mostly done on electronics more than paper and pencil. This can form a
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It can influence the way someone feels or their attitude towards someone. It can affect the way a person acts and how they wish they could act. ADHD is an effect that technology can have on a person. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is likely to occur if a person is on technology for long periods of time. People’s behavior changes and becomes wild and obnoxious. People often times isolate themselves from others because they do not want to face reality nor have the energy or willingness to try and go out of their comfort zones. Being tired and drowsy can be a side effect of someone who is constantly on their electronic device. This is where addiction starts to set in. “The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free” (Taleb). Addiction can fall into place when social media or video games are involved. One may not know they are addicted, but everyone around them knows that they have a problem and it need to be fixed. All ages can get addicted to any type of technology, it just depends on how often, the time of day, and what game or app is being used. This is how behavioral issues become a
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