Essay On The Impact Of Tourism

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Tourism is said to be one of the fastest growing economic activities in the world (Filion et al., 1994). However tourism can have opposite effects according to the way how to manage it. Tourism can have positive impact on the socio-cultural, economic and environmental sides such as improve local people’s knowledge by having interaction with foreigner, have a significant opportunity to develop for many countries and communities and the government will try to improve their own countries’ image by reducing the pollution. But there will also have the negative effect on each area for example loss of traditional culture, increase cost of living for local people and also damage the environment by tourism development. In this essay, I’m going to talk about the negative and…show more content…
And also most of the tourism jobs require low level of training with low level of payment. Here is an example in Mexico by 2000 only 8% of the local people who were engaged in traditional jobs such as fishing and agriculture, and 73% were employed in tourism (Brenner, 2005). According to this data, we can see there are lacks of economic and social transformations resulted by the primary activities are replaced by the tourism sectors job. This problem can cause the local fishing and farming often can’t supply enough food to local restaurants and hotels which have to cover by from other regions of Oaxaca or states within Mexico. In an addition, Low levels of education and training relative to obtain the lowest paid jobs which is a big problem to the local people who can’t burden the increase od cost of living and the higher cost (Juan, 2012). Next paragraph will define the environmental impact with examples by the tourism
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