Essay On The Impact Of Ww2 On American Culture

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World War II had a big impact in various ways. It not only impacted people who went to the war, but it also impacted their loved one (like their families) too. War may be the worst enemy making happiness degrade to depression or getting themselves suffered. But showing the love of their country and others. American culture changed during World War II. Women started to work. World War 2 changed the work industry for women. Before, men were the ones working in factories, farms, etc, but, when they left for war, about 350,000 women had to start working to support their families and the soldiers by working as engineers in factories, farmers, and many other occupations. They worked hard, dripping sweat from their skin to the ground while using…show more content…
Lifestyles in Europe had changed too. All the Jewish families were faced the holocaust. They were sent to the concentration camp getting many difficulties from malnutrition and getting killed from the Nazis. Many tried to escape but man had failed. Jews also tried to hide from the Nazis but some got caught from them to concentration camp.suffering and dying from malnutrition and getting killed from the Nazis, trying to escape, hiding from the Nazis who are finding them to take them to the concentration camp. Some Jewish families were separated and never saw their loved ones again. For example ,Anne Frank a Jewish girl who is hiding with their families in a secret room to prevent from getting caught from the Nazis. But Anne and her family were caught by Nazis who found the secret room, and her family ended up in a concentration camp. This family had suffered until World War II ended. But misfortune had struck to them. Anne’s father was the only survivor from the concentration camp. The unlucky life of Anne Frank when she was unable to survive from concentration camp. Also, men who were sent to left their families knowing that they might not see their family again. During the war many soldiers were killed from their enemies, suffered from diseases, and had to fight in the cold weather condition. This situation caused them to be unable to see their families again, which tore their hearts to pieces and made them cry tears dropping
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