Essay On The Importance Of Being On Time

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Isaac Rodgers
The Importance of Being on Time and Organized For Appointments Time management is important because it shows that you care making the appointments on time. When making an appointment that is one thing that you should be aware of and an appointment is considered to be your place of duty when scheduled. The seven army values can be applied when it comes to appointments. Starting with loyalty you are saying that you are going to make it to your place of duty in return making you loyal. Duty: It is your duty to show up to the appointment that you made. It is very important being on time and organized. Respect: To value other and show that you can be trusted. By making it on time and to your appointment you are showing you are trustworthily. Selfless Service:
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Integrity: Showing up and being on time is doing what is right if you need to cancel an appointment do the right thing and call ahead. Personal Courage: Is all of the above by doing the right thing at the right times and following by your word you are showing yourself to be loyal, respectful and all others building your courage to continue in that pattern. It is a waste of other people’s time and can result in consequences due to lack of planning and disorganization. That can cause bad character judgment on you making yourself untrustworthy. I understand everyone has obligations and may become very busy with work but it is important keep track of what you have already planned and try to plan around or call ahead and cancel if needed so your time is organized and managed in a appropriate manner. You can eliminate disorganizations by writing down appointments and all others in an agenda to keep track of your schedule. You may also want to be early in case something was to pop up you can adjust to the situation and reach out in a timely manner if you are going to be late. Being early means you’re ready

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