Essay On The Importance Of Christopher Columbus

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“The True Importance of Christopher Columbus” can be an eye opener. It presents facts that allow people without much knowledge of Columbus or early exploration and colonization to understand what really happened on these voyages to the new world. Terrible things happened during America’s transition from Europe’s newly discovered land to the thirteen colonies. The section of “The True Importance of Christopher Columbus” that is most prominent to me was the lies and half truths within textbooks. It’s hard to believe that something many students are required to read for education could completely misinform students and cause the complete opposite effect that we all expect it to. Many textbooks conveniently skip over the means by which Europe conquered the Americas and I believe that is an important part in understanding our history and how this nation came to be. Europeans used force to assure the land would be theirs, they would come onto this…show more content…
Money is a driving force in many actions taken by even modern people. To not show motivations because greed is “undignified” is a terrible reason for leaving out an important fact. This is another matter of people writing textbooks in such a way to tiptoe around subjects simply to avoid any kind of controversy. I may be repeating my point however I strongly believe that textbooks should give as much objective information as possible without worrying about sensitivities. If some information could teach bad messages the textbooks should still include it but make sure the reader understands that the potentially bad behavior is not acceptable today. In conclusion censorship should not be applied when it comes to history. History is objective so the sources for education about history should also be unbiased. At the very least there will be teachers who will find the truth outside the textbooks and teach their students those

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