Essay On The Importance Of Drug Testing

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Why Drug Testing is Important A quote by Malcom Gladwell states “An aggressive drug testing program would cut down on certain abuses, but it’s never going to catch everyone or even close to everyone.” As you know, drug testing is done to students athlete or not, every year. But schools in several states are wanting to require it for athletes, or students involved in extracurricular activities in Middle school. Although drug tests can be highly unliked in schools, schools should be required to test students because it can discourage drug use, identify students in need of help, and the evidence of the tests can lead to effectiveness.
In school, drug testing can discourage the use of it to students. Some students fear that knowing of drug tests will pressure them into not doing drugs. This is a well known reason why kids of all ages experiment with drugs. Also a random drug testing can also aid those kids facing peer pressure to use, or who are in a sticky situation, because it can provide
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Drug testing is very very legal to do in schools, as stated before. There are no federal laws regarding school based drug testing. However, there are 2 supreme court cases that grant public schools the authority to conduct drug testing into specific circumstances. Some schools have expanded their drug testing. The schools expanded the testing to other students who drive to school, attend school dances, and additionally, the entire student body. Just this month, high school districts in California, Kansas, and Virginia announced either implementing or considering starting RSTD for their peers. Some people may be controversial on the matter, but drugs are not the core problem. It can be blamed on what goes on at home involving physical, and mental abuse. It stands to reason that the evidence of drug testing can be effective by if the tests states if it’s positive or
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