Essay On The Importance Of Education

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In the era of globalization, education becomes indispensable to society. In the past, it is hard for everyone to have education due to the instability of political. There were many countries which only those who came from wealthy families able to get education. Meanwhile, poor families were forced to send their children to work instead of school since young because they encountered economy difficulties. Their children would work as labor from day to night just to support their family expenses. Hence, people during that time much appreciated and glad for the schooling chance. Conversely, as the world nowadays is at peace, literally everyone except for some certain backwards countries has education. It is weird if one did not go to school, and parent will be blamed for it. Even parent will live frugally in order to let their children to get education. As a result, many young children take it for granted. For instances, they will cut class for an outing or disrespect and play prank to teachers. They think it is unnecessary to study, and knowledge is not important. In fact, it is utterly essential to be educated especially in this advanced technology world. To summarize, we must know the importance of it very well so we learn to treasure the opportunity to get schooling since young. First and foremost, we acquire working ability in the modern industrial world. Employment is based on our education so we must at least master literacy skill to be able to compete with co-workers.
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