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The Importance of Indigenous Cultures Indigenous cultures have been an integral part of the world since, well, the very beginning. Having maintained their culture and rich history, indigenous peoples live in harmony with the community and world around them. Although many cultural Darwinists believe otherwise, native cultures are important and hold a place in this world. Indigenous cultures should survive because of the way they hold knowledge and wisdom, contain valuable members of society and there have been many negative results in assimilation already. Native cultures can teach us many things, from the true meaning of happiness to the best and most efficient way to collect water. One of the main things indigenous cultures teach is the…show more content…
People would visit each other in the evenings, to converse, socialize and tell stories. During the day, while the adults were out working, doing tasks such as fishing, trading or other business, the children would sit with the elderly, listening to stories that taught morals or contained exciting heroes and adventures. However, in the case of the North American Inuit’s, when the television arrived in their villages, the whole dynamic changed. Culture can teach us much history, from where people originated and came from. Taking the example of the Native Americans, they also originated in North America, using the land in resourceful ways and living with each other, however, not always in harmony. Later on they were enslaved by the ‘white men’, which lead to where they are today. On the subject of Native Americans, and other indigenous cultures, the self – sustenance that is taught is essential, however it is something most ‘modernized’ cultures have forgotten. The Native Americans would use all of the meat and hide and resources from any animals they killed. If they killed a buffalo, they would use all the meat for food,

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