Essay On The Importance Of Safeguarding

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When it comes to children and young people it is important that we secure and protect them when in the care of setting, child minders, carers, even when they are at home. The term safeguarding is meant by protecting them from any damage with an appropriate measure.
Every child can be put at risk, could be hurt, could be put in awful situations that no one should ever be put in whether their race, gender, religion, Culture, environment, etc. This is why the government has put in legislation into place of the safeguarding for children and young people up to the age of 18. Safeguarding underpins and outlines the areas it supports for the children to have a healthy and safe childhood which are to protect and prevent maltreatment, ensuring the children are growing up with consistent safe and effective care, preventing any impairment of their health and/ or development, also to take necessary actions to enable the best and positive outcome for the children / young people ‘promoting children’s welfare and putting measures in place to improve
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There are also behaviour indications of sexual abuse which can consist of babyish behaviour such as sucking their thumb, sexual behaviour in their role play, inappropriate behaviour such as undressing or exposing themselves. There are indications for emotional abuse such as attention seeking, telling lies, clinginess etc. Also there are indications of neglect such as the child looking underweight, tired, untidy and dirty in their appearance.’’ It can result in failure to thrive and development delay’’ Janet Stearns et all 2011 page 197, below I have gone into depth about the four main types of

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