Essay On The Industrial Revolution In The 18th Century

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Around the 18th Century, several significant events took place in the world. One event was the Industrial Revolution which occurred in England. The role of this revolution had changed the motivation and format of colonialism from Expressed Powers or Religious Dissemination to be invested trade business in Asia country. Instead, Europe countries did not have sufficient raw materials for their industries and market to release their finished good. Therefore, these countries now started looking for a market in Asia which at that time coincided with the sea route to India was discovered by Vasco da Gama (in 1498). For this result, England began to plan to colonize India which led to the beginning of a modern period in Indian history.

The 18th century was the period of the internal power struggle in India. During that time India, confronted problems of breaking out into various autonomous regions which invoked regional conflicts including the declining power of the Mughal Empire from the Usurpation of a dynasty.
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With the coming of England 's colonialism, there was now a reverse of the direction of textile India must export the raw cotton and import the garments from English factories to their market at exorbitant prices. It also created unemployment for a large community of weavers and many of them migrated to work in the field of agriculture instead. This situation increased pressure on the rural economy and livelihood. Another major economic impact of the British policies in India was many commercial crops such as tea, coffee, indigo, and opium. The opium market was controlled by the British traders, they did not give a chance for India reap the profit and forced India to produce indigo and sell directly to the British and they would use this product as dyeing agent for cloth
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