Industrial Revolution Middle Class Essay

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In this text I will focus on the industrial revolution and the class system
The industrial revolution was the big changed that happened in England in the middle of the 1700. The changed that happen was the transition from hand production methods to machines. The first industry was connected to textile production. In short time, England had changed from being a country that got most of their income through agricultural, to a country that followed the on growing industrial revolution. The industrial revolution are often divided into two parts. The first industrial period and the second.
The industrial revolution is one of the biggest transitions in the history. The revolution is about the transition from agricultural community to the industry and urbanization. This meant many new factories and workspaces were built. This also meant that the rich or the upper class grew a lot. Including the upper class growth, the middle class also grew a lot. Since many new workplaces were made, the working class also got a
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These people often had a certain education in law, medicine, academics or politics. This meant they often had positions within private and state sectors. They also filled many official positions in the state after the nobilities lost this privilege. They could also be entrepreneurs and engineers who had created their own businesses. This also meant they had staff to work for themselves. Common to them all was that they were doing manual work themselves and they could afford to keep horse & carriage and servants. Wealth and success followed the hard working, skilled and those willing to invest. A good example of the middle-class man is Wilkins Micawber in David Copperfield. He is a hard working factory owner that has some economic problems. He does not live in luxury, but he lives a comfortable life and makes his way through life with the help of personal favours and
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