Essay On The Influence Of 1974 On American Culture

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When people think of the 1970’s, hippies, culture movements, Richard Nixon, and the Vietnam War always seems to come to mind. People today only focus on the major events that are always in the news, they will get bored otherwise. Americans gradually became invested in situations occurring around the world instead of their own country, especially during 1974. Inflation drastically increased across major countries as a result of the increase of the cost of fuel, manufacturing, and food. The aftermath left the world in a chaotic mess. This led to a deeper global recession. 1974 may have been a bad year in general for the world, but 1974 in America had its ups and its downs. Throughout 1974, different aspects of life changed for Americans. There was an emergence of a new style of music, sports continued to flourish, society became invested in particular people, and a major scandal ended.
Music is such a wonderful form of art, and it has been a part of American culture for centuries. This art is as prominent as it is today because of the way people have used it to shape their culture, no matter what century it was. One of the most major genres of music is rock. Rock emerged in the late 40s to early 50s; it was popular
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Many Americans were very pleased as to how the year was turning out: except for the fact that there was a very dangerous serial killer on the loose, who was the infamous Ted Bundy.
Ted grew up having a decently normal life. He was raised by his mother, who took care of him and raised him well. Bundy was “an above-average student, [receiving] a scholarship to the University of Puget Sound” (Dobson 1). When friends and family described Bundy, they said he was a great student who grew up in a fine home; he was raised in a Christian home, meaning no one had any reason to be skeptical about him. No one really understood how he became so evil and murderous, but then again, no one ever really knows why people

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