Essay On The Influence Of School Culture On Professionalism

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• Your analysis on the influence of the school culture on teachers’ professionalism (750 words)

Professionalism is acting with integrity inside and outside the classroom. This involves understanding and acting upon the responsibilities that a teacher has to students, and community and demonstrating respect for students, faculty and staff is also imperative.
Professionalism is engaging in behaviors that support learning; that is facilitate open communication within in the classroom and the culture of the school and being proactive. For instance, a teacher must be a role model by always be on time for work, having a well dress code, planning works before class started, make lesson plan, having ethical conduct and core values, treat everyone with respect; so on and so forth so as to be considered as professional.
In "Positive or Negative?" Peterson shared ways in which principals and staff leaders can nurture the school culture 's positive aspects. They include the following:
• Celebrate successes in staff meetings and ceremonies.
• Tell stories of accomplishment and collaboration whenever there 's an opportunity.
• Use clear, shared language created during professional development to foster a commitment to staff and student learning.
Taking these points into consideration really creates a push to positive school environment. Sometimes when the school celebrates successes in ceremonies, this creates a positive impact on teachers and students; they feel more motivation to go

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