Dwight Eisenhower's Role In The Cold War

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The Interstate Highway is a form of transportation that we use almost every day. The Interstate Highway was a result of Dwight Eisenhower's decision to improve America's main roads and to create a possible escape route in the case of a nuclear bomb during the cold war. The existing roads at the time were low quality and dangerous for those driving on them, causing many issues for the Government and a lot of pressure on the acting president, Dwight Eisenhower.

In the summer of 1919, Dwight Eisenhower was living wife and son 1500 miles from Denver. In an attempt to break out of his boredom he volunteered on the Great American Road Trip. The beginning of the trip was going fine but eventually the roads became too much, Eisenhower and the others
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In the same year over 1.5 million people died or were seriously injured in car accidents, traffic stretched for miles on end because of the number of accidents and the thin roads. Courts overflowed with traffic-related cases and the economy dropped because trucks could not travel along the roads. At this point, Eisenhower realized that it was time to make a change. As his time as president, there was a cold war. Eisenhower had an active role in the cold war because he was the acting president. A couple weeks after his inauguration, Stalin, who was Russia's president at the time died. This brought significant changes to the Soviet Union's international policy. Nuclear weapons were an important part of Eisenhower's career as president. To try to eliminate the threat Eisenhower tried to make a treaty with the Soviet Union, banning the testing of nuclear weapons. At this point in time, Khrushchev was the active leader of the Soviet Union. Although this treaty did not succeed in a no arms agreement, it did lead to a more optimistic look at the cold war known as the "Spirit of David". Eisenhower and Khrushchev agreed to meet up with the acting leaders of Britain, France, and Paris in the May of the 1990's. Yet the summit…show more content…
Although many disagreed with the road because of the loss of homes and natural habitat, more people supported the road. The cold war played a big role to the majority of the population because of the fear of being wiped out by a nuclear weapon. The people who were scared wanted safer and larger roads so they could easily escape. Large businesses also supported the road so that they could make more money. Car companies also would benefit from better roads as the people would want cars to drive. After the road was built, Ford started selling a new car known as the Model T. It was a cheap and affordable car for most families. This car became very popular and many families owned this car. It sent the economy rising up. The road was viewed as a major improvement in transportation and buying cars became a good
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