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The Invention of Money There are a lot of inventions in the world, but one invention stands above them all. That has become the obsession of the modern world, this invention is Money. Money was not just an invention, it was a mental revolution. Money created a system of trust and elaborate a tie that binds us all together. It connected the world by sending merchants across continents in the search of the far off ridges. Exchange was the engine that drone the progress of civilization, and money was the fuel, it allowed us to specialize, turning hunters into black myth artists, soldiers, and kings. Money is what made the world modern. We have taken it to levels of complexity from gold coins to bits and information stored in the cloud. The history of money is the history of us. Every coin, stone, and shell symbols what we have value, what we have served, and how cultures…show more content…
It is a technology, it is a machine we have created and a tool we imagined. It is technology of the mind; this technology powers the modern world. Money allows all of us all to interact through a common system regardless of the language or the belief. It frees us to trade, invest, and identify what we collectively value. Money is a fundamental building block of our humanity, money civilized us but it did not come out of nowhere. It has its origins, one of the great moments of human history: 15000 BCE, Kenya. People live in a small hunter gatherer clan, roaming the mangroves and fells of Africa. Life is brutal. In short; survival is everything, and food is precious commodity. Early man was always looking for a life to exchange. Wood to get the goods. They needed to survive. In the early days of human race it was hard to know whom to trust. The decisive moment when two tribes collide. Each side has something that the other side wants. For tens of thousands of years of confrontation like this threatened to end a bloody fight for domination, but there is another way which is

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