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Harrison Zhang Liang Y Liu CEE 195 12 December 2017 The design of the Jeddah tower Jeddah tower locates in Jeddah, Sandy Arabia, which is near the Red Sea. It has a height of over 1000 meters. The Kingdom Tower is built to be the tallest building all around the world. Saudi Arabia plans a cost of $30 billion to build the world's tallest building "the Jeddah Tower". It will be built around an area of 23 square kilometers of the town, which can accommodate 80000 people and 1 million visitors, and "Jeddah Tower" will be a landmark of the center of a new town which contains eighty million people. The most shining part of the building is its height. However, its design is also unique and outstanding. I will explain several parts of the unique designs of Jeddah tower. They are appearance, foundation, observation desk, sustainable development, and the design of vertical city. Firstly, I would like to talk about its appearance. That is, what the Jeddah…show more content…
It is worth mentioning that, the whole foundation work was designed and finished by UIUC lonely. As we all know, a huge building must have a strong foundation, however, the geo-behavior of Sandy Arabia is bad, especially near the Red Sea, because Sandy Arabia is dry and hot, containing many deserts. As a result, the brilliant civil engineers piled hundreds of piles into the ground. And in this way, the artificial strong foundation is well prepared to support the heavy Jeddah Tower. The construction of geo-technique includes pilling 72 pieces of piles which have a diameter of 1.5 meters into 110-meter-deep underground, and 154 pieces of piles which have a diameter of 1.5 meters into 49 or 89 -meter-deep underground, and 44 pieces of piles which have a diameter of 1.8 meters into 50-meter-deep underground. The total number of piles is 270. [2] Each pile is made of concrete and rebars. With the help of these strong piles, the foundation becomes sufficiently

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