Essay On The Judicial Branch

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The writers of the Federalist Papers were supporters of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Number 78 is Hamilton’s opinion on how the Judiciary Branch should be chosen and what type of character a judge should be and the relationships between the different courts. Hamilton’s view that the Judiciary Branch be independent, impartial and keep the liberty of the nation, would in fact get true Justices for the people.
Hamilton stated that this branch of government is the “least dangerous.” The reason he stated this is because the judicial branch will be there to place judgement and interpretation of the laws created by our legislative branch. In which he also believed this was the main purpose of this branch. The effects of the judicial branch being “least dangerous” provides protection of the Constitution, which will protect the liberty of the people.
Hamilton also believed that this branch be separated from the others. With this branch being independent, it keeps powers separate and keeps Judges unbiased regardless of what the majority may want. It keeps them true to what is right per the law.
Hamilton also supported the selection of judges by appointment and have life terms. When there is no term limit set, it will keep those in office impartial and have no risk of being taken off the bench for making a judgement based on the
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In Texas, Judges are voted for in a Partisan election. There are some instances where one may be appointed, but they will later have to run for re-election. Judges also have term limits of 6 years. If Hamilton were alive today, he would not support the election or a term limit of Justices. Reason being is, he believed that the Judiciary Branch must be kept from outside influences in order to be impartial of the laws set forth. By being elected and having term limits, this leaves many to have the ability to sway or overpower their decisions and a lack of
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