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Bloody Angels
“It rained all that night. The next day was Saturday fourth of july”. This was the last day of the Gettysburg 3 day battle. This is found in pg. 345 of novel “The Killer Angels”. This was a battle of north and south; Confederate vs Union. The Union had been led by George G. Meade they had wanted to defend slavery and not let it be abolished. According to “American Vision” textbook. However the confederates were led by Robert E. Lee in which they wanted to abolish slavery. The battle had an estimated amount of 51,112 casualties in the war through the 3 days the battle took place. Which can be found on Gettysburg (casualties) as a source. This 3 day war had been the bloodiest war in American history. In that 3 historical hero in the book “The Killer Angels” with injuries acquired from the war is Tozier, John Bell Hood and Buster Kilrain
The first hero in The Killer Angels is Tozier a union soldier part of the 2nd Marine infantry unit. He had been shot in the arm by a confederate soldier on day 2 of the battle. This can (pg 230) . Treatments were performed by “Trained Surgeons”,They would
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However, the wound was in the armpit an ideal spot, the arm was the limb losses, mainly in the war, and its more ideal limb to lose it than any other. (pg. 218). The surgeons and nurses in the battlefield would give men morphine sulphate every 4 hours to ease the pain and to help soldiers fight longer. According to In this case buster wrapped a rag around his armpit wound and rested for a few minutes. The rag was usually dirty and used for other things before applying on open wounds. Again causing infection and disease which was the number 1 reason of death in the civil war. The rags they used were usually used for more than one thing than wounds which made them not clean and caused lots of infections in wounds. Sourced from “Civil war
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