Essay On The Kite Runner: Harmful Effects Of Relationships

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Relationships are something that every person experiences throughout their lifetime. Whether it’s the comforting relationship of a friend, a swoon-worthy relationship of a lover, or a heart-melting relationship with your parents - every person has stumbled across at least one type of relationship. Sadly, not all relationships are made of fairytales and dreams. Negative and dysfunctional relationships sound both hurtful and heartbreaking, but are also very real. Wounded relationships lead people to perform harmful actions that permanently scar others mentally, and result in distrust and the feeling of neglect. However, these types of relationships are not irreversible. In fact, many of these seemingly hopeless relationships can be patched up again.…show more content…
Hosseini explores the harmful effects of dysfunctional parental relationships, but also provides the reader with hope and reassurance that the relationship may be salvaged, as shown through Baba and Amir’s broken relationship.
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Baba not seeing that his son does to live up to many of his expectations results in Amir, constantly vying for attention. Their broken relationship develops in a positive manner as the novel progresses; starting from the kite running tournament, to fleeing to America. Additionally these two key characters developed themselves, with Baba becoming the understanding father and Amir self-discovering himself, thus showing Amir’s relationship with Baba throughout his life turned him into the man he is at the end of The Kite Runner. As Amir matures his relationship with Baba strengthens, showng that even broken relationships may be

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