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“A single strand of long gray hair”. After Homer Barron was murdered by Emily Grierson. The stories 1*“A Rose for Emily” and 2*“The Landlady” two stories about lustful women killing men. “The Landlady” is a story about an elderly lady who poisons men to keep their bodies. “A Rose for Emily” where a woman poisons the man she loves so that he won’t leave her. This essay will develop the comparisons and contrasts between these characters. The similarities between the characters will begin the essay, the first similarity is that the Landlady and Emily kill using poison. For instance, the Landlady used Potassium Cyanide while Miss Emily used Arsenic. The second similarity is they kill out of passion, for example the Landlady in lust wants many men, while Emily out of love only wants Homer Barron. Finally, they both live with their victims, for instance the Landlady stuffs her victims and then has the corpses remain in the bordering house and Emily leaves Homer’s rotting corpse in her bed for her to sleep with. These characters also have many differences between them. For one difference, they did different things to their victims’ corpses, for instance, Emily slept with Homer’s corpse while the Landlady stuffed her victims and gave them rooms in the boarding…show more content…
So in conclusion, this Essay has shown how the characters in “A Rose for Emily” and “the Landlady”, both characters use poison, both kill for passion, and both live with their victims’ corpses. In difference; they lived in different places, they did different things to their victims’ corpses, and they wanted a different number of men. Some themes of these two stories are about death, another may be craziness, and finally necrophilia. In my opinion, loneliness has caused these women to long for companionship, willing to do anything for love,
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