Essay On The Last Judgement By Michelangelo

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“The Last Judgement” fresco by Michelangelo started its creation in 1536 A.D and completed in 1541 A.D. “The Last Judgement” depicts the second coming of Jesus Christ and contains many biblical figures and references (Dr. Esperanca Camara/ Khan Academy). “The Last Judgement” portrays those that are blessed are saved from damnation; however, those less fortunate live for eternity in hell. The significance of preserving the fresco is that Michelangelo is one of the most prominent painters of the era, and the fresco is important to those who hold their beliefs in the Bible. A major event that shaped the life when the fresco was created was the “Sack of Rome” which occurred on the 6th of May 1527 (Encyclopædia Britannica, 2017). This event is especially significant to the painting because according to Florence Inferno, Pope Clemente VII was “the first patron” and had “special wishes”, however, was unable to oversee the real painting rather next-in-line Pope Paul III who had the honor. The “Sack of Rome” was most likely the cause of why Pope Clemente VII was unable to see the real painting, because according to Encyclopædia Britannica the “Sack of Rome” caused “an orgy of destruction and massacre, terrorizing the population and humiliating Pope Clement VII” , consequently, leading to his death in the year 1534. Further, another major event that shaped life during the painting of “The Last Judgement” was “The Society of Jesus” (short for “Jesuits”) being founded in 1540 (NPR,
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