Essay On The Legislative Branch

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The legislative branch has quite a few different jobs that are stated in the constitution. The biggest and also the main job of the legislative branch is the process of actually coming up with and creating laws, change laws that have already been made, and passes the laws that are made in the branch so they can be enforced as soon as possible. The legislative branch is in article 1 of the U.S. constitution. It contains the house of representatives and also the senate which together form the United States congress. Congress has the authority to enact legislation and declare war. The people who made it wanted a very strong national government for the well being of everybody who lived in the United States. The separated it into three separate…show more content…
The senate majority leader is the spokesperson for the whole entire majority party. The majority leader is also the president of the United States senate. The speaker of the house has many jobs also he is a very important part of the senate. Some of his jobs consist of, administering the oath of office to all who are coming into the senate. This may not seem important but it’s actually a very big part of being in the senate and is taken very seriously. He also calls the house to meetings when he needs to or when the senate is greatly needed. He watches over the house trying to preserve order and decorum through the house and through all the galleries. He’s also important during meetings. A big job of his is to watch over all the meetings to watch and make them orderly, he recognizes people when the feel the need to speak so they can do so without interrupting. Another very big and important job that he has to do is make rules for the entire house these rulings protect the procedure of making laws for our country that will benefit it in the best way possible so we can keep growing as a strong and intelligent country. These are just some of the biggest jobs and most important people in the
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