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The life you save may be your own The story “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” is written by an American writer and essayist called Flannery O’Connor, who is an important figure for the American literature. The origin of the author is from the southern part of America and largest part of the time she uses the Southern Gothic style. Very often she relies on the grotesque characters, just like Mr. Shiftlet in this story, which originate from the Southern Gothic style. The author describes the protagonist as a humorous character, despite his tries to look as a smart guy and expression of his charisma, his southern accent and the words he says make no sense; qualities that turn him into the humorous character he is.
Author’s humor is
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Moreover, this is a symbol of evil, but then he comments about the beautiful sunset and how he would do anything just to watch it every day. The senior lady, Lucynell with her deaf-mute daughter around thirty years, judging by the looks of this unknown man, accordingly they recognize that Tom Shiftlet, the one-armed man is a tramp and can’t bring any harm. When the old Lady asks Mr. Shiftlet why he carried a toolbox he introduces himself as a carpenter. The young Lucynell, a beautiful pure innocent girl with long pink-gold hair and blue eyes, keeps looking at him like he is a bird that a approached close. Meanwhile the senior lady, Lucynell being in a need for a man to take care of the house offers Mr. Shiftlet to become a hireling housekeeper, in compensation for a shelter to cover his head and meals, which offer he accepts, since he had nowhere to stay or didn’t have any money with him. He, as a tramp or better said as a hobo, investigates the whole yard and his eye catches a fancy aged car of type Ford. Since has never had one in his life, he is astonished and asks if the ladies could drive. The old lady replies: “That car ain’t run in fifteen year” “the day my husband died, it quit

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