Essay On The Locavore Movement

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The Locavore Movement Increasing levels of greenhouse gases produced by fuel of trucks and animal production has caused a major impact in pollution and climate change. Also, in the U.S. there is a bad nutrition outbreak due to not eating enough fresh foods with the right nutrients. There is a movement taking place is aimed to solve this problem but will it actually work? The Locavore Movement is aimed to increase the nutrition in foods and reduce pollution. The Locavores, which are people of this movement, have decided to eat locally grown or produce products as much as possible. The key issues of these movement are to eat healthy, fresh food and increase the preservation of the environment. Still, these movement has some implications that might affect the consumer like less variety of foods and a price increase in products.…show more content…
The Locavores blame this to the outside production and transportation of products such as meat or vegetables. They have decided that the consumption of local food will help in reducing global warming because the distance of transportation of products will be small compare to outside production. Still, this is not completely true. The transportation of products is not greatest factor in climate impact in fact one of the greatest contributor to the Greenhouse gas emission is the production of foods (Source D). Also, the difference of CO2 produce by outside production and local production might be minimal if not the same. James McWilliams says that shipping a truck with 2000 apples over 2000 miles would be the same as a local farmer pickup truck selling 50 apples over 50 miles as it can be measured as “apples per gallon” (Source C). This tells us that there might be a minimal difference in gas consumption when shipping food away and it is not a major impact in CO2 emissions. Still, there is something that will increase if only local products are
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