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In 1587, John White led a group of one hundred women, men, and children in an attempt to build a colony in the new world. After White sailed back to England a year later to bring more supplies, and didn 't return for another three years, the colony mysteriously vanished. There are many theories as to what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Some say that the settlers were driven out by violence, other’s think that they all died of disease. Personally, my partner and I believe that there were multiple factors that contributed to the Colony’s disappearance. We think though disease and violence definitely caused disturbances in the thriving of Roanoke, they could not have been the sole factor of the colony’s abondonation. After so many people died of…show more content…
According to Klingelhofer, archaeologists have identified a site of a small Native American town called Mettaquem, which may have adopted some of some of the lost colonists. The historian stated, “It’s a very strategic place, right at the end of Albemarle sound. You can go north up to Chowan River to Virginia or west to the Blue Ridge Mountains. They were big trading partners with other Native American tribes.” This tribe definitely has the characteristics of what could seem like a “safe place” for struggling settlers. Besides, if the colony was already at such a low point, what would they have to lose? In the end, no one really knows for sure what happened to Roanoke. The mystery that has intrigued Americans for centuries can have thousands of theories about the colony’s disappearance (some more far-fetched than others). My partner and I simply believe that the settlers didn’t all die on the island due to the reasons above. Maybe the world will never know what happened to Roanoke settlers, or maybe modern historians will uncover the secrets behind the disappearing colonists. Either way, the conundrum shaped the way settlers entered the new world, and therefore was an important occurrence in American

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