Essay On The Mansion In The Great Gatsby

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The Mansion
Gatsby’s mansion is a symbol for his attitude; the mansion is important to the story because the readers see how the mansion changes, according to Gatsby’s actions.
Imagine getting out of a pool on a hot summer day, and all the sudden, get shot in the back. In the novel The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, One of the most important symbols is Gatsby’s mansion. On summer nights when Nick Carraway first moves in he claims to hear music coming from Gatsby’s mansion. Nick meets Tom Buchanan, who is his cousin Daisy’s husband. Although they are married Tom is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson. Gatsby has these parties and an enormous mansion, also loves Daisy, they had dated 5 years before, but he went to war, and he came back a rich man. Gatsby and Daisy meet again and begin to have an affair, Gatsby begins to stop having parties, and fires all of his servants because Daisy comes over quite often. Tom, Daisy Gatsby, Jordan, and Nick all decide that they are going to go into town, Gatsby rides with Daisy in Tom’s car, And Nick, Tom, and Jordan ride in Gatsby’s car. Tom stops at George Wilson’s home, where Myrtle is. Daisy finds out about
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Jay Gatsby has a huge mansion, and it symbolises how Gatsby changes throughout. Nick knows not much of this man Gatsby, but he seems to have parties every weekend Nick explains, “There was music coming from my neighbor’s house through the summer nights” (Fitzgerald 43). The reader can infer that Gatsby is a popular man. The reader also knows that Gatsby has an enormous mansion, and he uses this mansion to lure in Daisy to get her back in his life. The mansion symbolises what Gatsby would doing personally, but he lets his mansion do all the work. Throughout the story when Daisy gets closer into Gatsby’s grasp the mansion starts to change, according to the decisions he makes. Gatsby’s mansion symbolizes a trap, that is waiting to catch its
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