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The Ambiguous Meaning of Rebellion
Think of a law that people would doubtlessly disagree with. Now imagine two groups of people. The first group is dozens of people with banners in their hands and rage in their hearts, committing acts of violence to prove their disagreement with an authority. The second group of people is locked in their safe homes, silently breaking the new rule behind everyone’s backs. Which one would you think is a rebellion? Rebellion has two meanings; a protest, and the ideology of a protest. The first meaning is “an effort by many people to change the government or leader of a country by the use of protest or violence”. (Merriam-Webster) The other one, a secret riot, defines as “resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition.” ( Proved with these simple definitions, let’s look further into the word and discuss its aftermath.
A rebellion that is similar to a protest is an open
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Rebellions can be beneficial because they help create useful changes in the organization or society that the rebellion is against. Consider it as constructive criticism. Rebels provide a reason why change should occur, with possible solutions to the issue. Even with all the troubles that a rebellion can form, a positive resolution can come out, making it all worth the trouble. However, many still don’t agree that the risks are worth it. Rebellions can destroy as much as they create. For example, the effects of the Ferguson uprising in Missouri are controversial. Thanks to the event, the issue of racism among police officers has gotten more publicity. The negative effects of the rebellion are that the people that were a part of the uprising faced unemployment, and damage was done to both public and private property that needed to be paid for and fixed. These effects make people wonder if everything was worth it. But those are the effects of protest-like

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