Essay On The Modern Presidency

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The presidency of the United States of America has been an evolving office since the term of our first president, George Washington. This evolution has occurred because of the changing times and the evolution of society itself, but also because of the actions of the men who have become president. Starting in the 20th century, most have referred to the presidency as the modern presidency due to changes in both a president 's power and the way that the office is viewed. As the office of the president has evolved so has who can become president evolved. Yet, even today, there are certain individuals who because of their gender or race have yet to hold the office of the presidency. The men that have been president in our modern era have all had…show more content…
The modern presidency is an office that many aspire to, but that few hold. The evolution of the office of the presidency has been one from that of a traditional role to that of a modern role that is forever evolving. The modern presidency has in a sense become a double-edged sword in that presidents have become beneficiaries of anything positive that can be attributed to the government, but also can be blamed for anything bad occurring in society. Quite simply, the modern president has become the center of our political system (The Modern Presidency, 2004). The men who have dealt with this double-edged sword known as the modern presidency have often walked a very fine line between effectiveness and ineffectiveness, but all have attempted to use their power in one way or another. All presidents have fit into what is known as the six models of the presidency. These six models show the different elements that a president uses in office. Most presidents especially our modern presidents have drawn aspects from several of these models to form their presidencies. These growths that helped make Franklin Roosevelt our first modern president was further solidified by Harry Truman and have been carried out by all presidents since, sometimes with great effectiveness and at other times with little
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