Essay On The Modernised Version Of Macbeth

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The elements changed have not caused the meaning of Macbeth sway from the meaning of the original manuscript.
The underlying core meaning of Macbeth is the most important part of the play; this means that is the message delivered is the same it doesn’t matter the way that the message is delivered. The way the meaning has been conveyed has been changed so that the new adaptations can be used to educate people that do not understand Shakespearean English very well. For example ShakespeaRe-Told Macbeth in the Kitchen is a modernised version of Macbeth used to teach students in high school what Macbeth is about, as some students have a hard time understanding Shakespearean English. This movie has the same meaning as the original Macbeth just taken into a different context making it easier to understand for the students. This movie takes the original Macbeth and makes him a head chef of a restaurant rather than thane of Glamis. This is done so that the students understand the context as the
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There are many reasons as to why, but all have a main principle, the original copy still exists for people to read. Although the more modernised movies may have changed the message to help draw in more people and make more money, the original text still exists and people can read that if they want the original meaning they can read the original. The new ones still contain the same core meaning only the way the meaning is conveyed was changed. Finally, the elements that were changed did not have a very big impact on the play as the modern versions are still used in schools to show the meaning of Macbeth and making it easier to understand for the students. For example the movie ShakespeaRE-Told Macbeth in the Kitchen, is used to show the meaning of Macbeth in a more understandable way for the

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