Essay On The Montgomery Bus Boycott

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Today, no one is discriminated in a way like they was back then. In the 1950’s several things have happened to cause such uproar in several places in the Unites States. Such as the murder of Emmett Till in 1955, African Americans in Boston-Rouge boycott segregated city buses in 1953, and Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat and was arrested in 1955.The Montgomery Bus Boycott (December 1, 1955-Decemeber 30, 1956) succeed because most of the people who rode the bus were African American and when the boycott happened, no one was hardly on the bus and they lost business. MLK and his followers had a ‘’peaceful’’ boycott without violence. Also, there were many people who had helped transfer the African American to the places that they need to be.…show more content…
When they did a ‘’peaceful’’ boycott it showed everyone how bad they just wanted their rights and they would do things in the right way just to get it. Instead of just acting against and making things worse for their selves, they acted in a well-mannered way to show their beliefs and what they want. There was several ways that African Americans got around when they went on the boycott. They walked hitch-hiked, transportation of servants by white housewives, car pool and African American taxi drivers would sneak and haul them around. By people helping the African Americans get around, and not making them walk everywhere, they helped them to stay off of the bus. African Americans showed that they would do anything that they had to do to stay off of the bus, to show that they were going to stand up for what they believed in. In conclusion, the Montgomery Bus Boycott had succeeded for many reasons. They did not ride the bus, which caused the bus to lose business. They also had a peaceful boycott to show they just wanted to be treated equally. And furthermore, they had many people who had helped get them around so they did not have to ride the
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