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The Most Dangerous Game Conflicts
All stories have to have a conflict, the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell has three important conflicts. Man against man, man against nature, man against himself are the three main conflicts that take place. For man against man Rainsford and General Zaroff are fighting each other in the hunting ‘game’. For man against nature Rainsford is fighting the sea once he hears the gunshots and is trying to get out of the water. For man against himself Rainsford is trying not to give up on himself and keep battling the general so he will not get killed. Throughout the story Rainsford has many challenging difficulties but can he survive and win the game?
One of the main conflicts in “The Most Dangerous Game” is man against man. Man against man first takes place when General Zaroff is hunting Rainsford. The narrator says, “Rainsford held his breath. The general’s eye had left the ground and were traveling inch by inch up the tree. Rainsford froze there, every muscle tensed for a spring”(13). Rainsford is scared to death when the general is hunting him because this is a real life or death situation. General Zaroff is pulling tricks on Rainsford to try to get him to come down from the tree. If Rainsford is not careful he could die. Man against man is
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Man against himself first takes place when the general tells Rainsford the two choices he has, to fight General Zaroff in the hunting game or to go straight to Ivan where he will be immediately killed. The general says, ‘“The choice rests entirely with you. But I may not venture to suggest that you will find my idea of sport more diverting than Ivan’s?”’(10). Rainsford then has a big choice to make, if he goes and hunts with General Zaroff then he has a slim choice of winning but he could die. If he goes straight to Ivan he will die right then and there. Rainsford is smart and picks to fight the
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