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The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell brings up that point that Roland Barthes said, “literature is the question minus the answer.” The Most Dangerous Game is a story about two men named Zaroff and Rainsford who both love hunting because of the thrill. Connell’s story brings up the question, is killing an animal all that different from killing a human. When morals are brought into the understanding of the passage Zaroff and Rainsford can be seen equally evil.
Zaroff is seen as immoral and sinful while Rainsford is seen as completely normal. Zaroff and Rainsford both are skilled hunters, the only difference is Zaroff hunts humans. The question Connell brings up is why is Zaroff seen as the bad guy not Rainsford. Both Zaroff and Rainsford
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While reading the passage it comes off like Zaroff is horrible and Rainsford should be praised for killing him but when reading the passage more carefully and thinking about what message Connell wanted to show; the story becomes more meaningful. Rainsford said, “hunting? Good God, General Zaroff, what you speak of is murder” (Connell 13). humanity sees hunting animals as a sport but killing a human can result in jail time, Connell wanted to change that idea. The author wanted to show that hunting is a careless sport and whether its killing of animals or humans killing is appalling. Rainsford is yelling at Zaroff for his actions but Zaroff doesn't see why hunting humans is worse than a tiger or bear. Connell is wanting to shower that the act of killing anything should have the same reaction as Rainsford when he found out Zaroff kills people. The view of the story changes because Rainsford starts to look just as bad as Zaroff.
The Most Dangerous Game by Connell has a deeper meaning than what’s shown on the outside. The questions Connell want’s to bring attention to the real morals of hunting. Connell was asking, is hunting any different from killing. Barthes once said, “Literature is the question minus the answer.” The Most Dangerous Game is the perfect example of Barthes quote because Connell opens questions about the values of hunting but he never gives an
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