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“CRASH”, task 3
“Many would say that racism is a major aspect or theme of this film. Do you agree, or disagree? Explain.”

Crash is a movie about a group of people facing issues of race and gender in Los Angeles, and crashes between cars and cultures.

Racism is unquestionably a major theme of this movie. All different races experience racism, from blacks and Koreans, to Latinos and Iranians. The first racial incident we see in the movie was when Ria, Grahams partner, spoke to an Asian woman who accidentally crashed her car. The Asian woman said something about car lights, but it came out as “cal lights” because Asians struggle with pronouncing the consonant R. Ria made fun of her, and started mocking her way of speaking.

I clearly agree with the statement above, but some people might disagree. The two gangsters in the movie seem to overthink certain situations, like when the gangster who is played by Ludacris, says that buses have big windows to humiliate people of color who take the bus. The same gangster also claimed that Jean was a racist for moving closer to her husband when she spotted them in the streets. This seems like an over exaggeration, but it gave me the impression of them being used to things like this happening. These incidents might weaken the statement above, which says that
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I agree with the statement above because I recognized multiple happenings in the movie as racism, and it was concentrated around people with different beliefs. Racism is a huge theme of this film, especially with whites being racist towards other races, and then the different races being racist towards each other. There were some incidents where Graham and Christine, Cameron’s wife, were being racists towards white people but it was nothing noteworthy. This movie teaches you about things that happen to people of different races and cultures in real life, which is important in today’s
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