The Patriot Movie Essay

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First, The Patriot movie was based off a lot of things that happened in history. Did you know that Benjamin Martin wasn’t really a… Opps I don’t think i should be saying anything yet. The Patriot was a powerful movie it had things I didn’t know about, but then had things that were lies and not right about The Patriot. This movie was somewhat historically accurate because of Benjamin Martin, Battle of Cowpens and Colonel Tavington. All facts in The Patriot really didn’t happen in history. Why didn’t they make if it really didn’t happen in history? We'll never know why.

Secondly ,in the movie The Patriot had a leader that was a powerful man that didn’t like what his country had to go though and he was a father of six and his name was
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this was the sound when you heard the Battle of Cowpens on the movie The Patriot. Did you know that Battle of Cowpens happened in 1781 but in the movie it happened later then that? Why would they do it like that if it happened at this time of the year they month and everything else why the people that made this keep it the same. In the movie The Patriot. The Patriot didn’t want to have war with them but as soon the Patriot killed Benjamin Martin son they went to war. The Militia was wait for them over a hill to get ready for war it wasn’t just they wanted war because they killed his son they want war cause the Patriot wanted Justice in that town.According to The Patriot Film Fact or Fiction: Battle. In history the Battle of Cowpens it happened in “January 17, 1781, took place in the latter part of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution and of the Revolution itself Cowpens victory was won over a crack British regular army.According to The Battle of Cowpen In summary I think this the right time but other people might I think the movie is the same as the history and it’s no different and it never will.Roland Emmerich did a good job making the history and now very similar and and nobody should disagree on
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