Compare And Contrast Swinter And Hades

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This myth tells the story of how deserts and mountains were created. Long ago in the ancient Greek city of Athens, Swinter grew up under the care of Atalanta and Hercules. None of them knew that Swinter was truly the daughter of Demeter and Hades. This made Swinter a goddess, the goddess of snow and ice. Swinter was found in the temple to Athena by Atalanta one summer day. When Atalanta found Swinter, she visited the oracle of Apollo at Delphi asking if she should keep the baby. The oracle told her to raise her for she was destined for greatness. She also said to bring Swinter to her when she was fifteen years of age.
Sanwaa, her younger sister, was always jealous of Swinter’s long, beautiful, silver hair. Therefore, when Swinter’s
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Hades and Demeter welcomed her into their arms. Swinter begged for help to rescue Sanwaa from the sun god Apollo. Her father Hades gave her his chariot to ride, which she would use to catch Apollo. Her mother Demeter gave her a crown made from twigs and leaves of the laurel tree, which is Apollo’s sacred tree. This crown gave her the ability to use Apollo’s weakness. Demeter easily persuaded Hermes into leading Swinter to Apollo by creating a new plant naming it after him. She called the hermeseus. This flower had baby blue petals and a golden center with a golden stigma shaped like Hermes’s staff. With these gifts and luck from her parents, they left to find…show more content…
Here they found Sanwaa with Apollo. Neither of them knew, however, that Apollo and Sanwaa had a son named Soare, meaning sun. Sanwaa did not wish to leave Apollo and her son, yet Swinter vowed to bring her sister home. Swinter, being immortal, thought she could beat Apollo on her own. Hermes had left when they arrived, and Swinter left her chariot running to her sister. Apollo quickly grew angry getting on his chariot and swiping Sanwaa from Swinter. This is where Swinter’s problems increased. Swinter had never driven her father’s chariot, so when she grabbed the reins, the stallions went crazy. They flew into the sky and raced after Apollo on a bumpy, swerving ride. Apollo flew his chariot to Olympus while Swinter was close behind. When they arrived at Olympus, Zeus was furiously waiting for their arrival. Demeter had told her brother about Apollo’s actions. Zeus knew he needed to solve the predicament between Swinter and Apollo. Sanwaa did not want to leave Apollo or her son, and Swinter did not want to loose her sister. Therefore, Zeus decided it was best for the two sisters to be separated. Swinter furiously fled to the hills, and she made them grow higher and steeper, for Swinter did not want to be bothered. Using ice and snow, she made these new hills buried in snow. Swinter named these hills mountains. As for Sanwaa and Apollo, they moved to an open plain. Apollo glowed

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