Essay On The Nanjing Massacre

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One of the most horrible events of the Japanese occupation of China was the Nanjing massacre. However, in this modern society, most people do not know about how and why many Chinese were butchered in the city of Nanjing. In addition, the Nanjing massacre is denied by many conservative Japanese politicians because this event is seen as Japan’s greatest shame and they do not want their future generations to know and learn about the terrible massacre. But, there are many possible explanations why this event happened and generally many historians believe that the brutal Nanjing massacre occurred because of the very tough fight that Chinese armies had put up in Shanghai in 1937. However, “Japanese imperialism and their desire for expansion” and…show more content…
However, Chinese generals, due to the rapid expansion of the army in the summer of 1937, sent untrained reservists to the Nanjing front. The quality of these reservists was relatively low and there was a high replacement rate due to heavy losses. Moreover, Chinese generals made soldiers and civilians to stay in Nanjing which led to a horrible genocide. Also, they made up a minor part of the whole forces. Since the major army forces were not there, the minor parts could not defend Nanjing against the Japanese attack in an effective way. Also, it is not necessary to kill POWs and citizens. Japanese troops didn’t have to do a vast amount of killing and rape towards people. The main cause of the Nanjing massacre was the Sino - Japanese War. However, in the past, even if there were lots of wars like this, there were no such massacres. In other words, they did not have to do such a gang rape, mass killing, smash and breaking everything. Thus soldiers would have given the order to follow the international law about the POWs for the future relationship with the Chinese people in Nanjing and the surrounding areas; It would be more beneficial for Japan and also it would be a chance to raise up Japan’s international
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