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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglas” is a powerful book that really depicts the life of a slave. Frederick Douglass goes into great detail about his past all the way from birth. Frederick Douglas really concentrates about his time as slave, how he was treated, and how he felt about his entire experience as a slave. Fredrick Douglas first takes us all the way back to his birth. Frederick Douglas was born sometime in the month of February in 1818. Many slaves back during this time had this problem of knowing their actual date of birth. What made Frederick Douglass different from most slave during his time is that his father was white and his mother was black. Douglas only saw his mother four or five times his entire life. The specific date of Frederick Douglass 's birth was unclear because of being born as a slave he has no official record of his birth. Slave masters kept this hidden from their slave they wanted to keep their slaves as ignorant as possible. Frederick Douglass first slave master 's name was Colonel Lloyd. As a slave on Colonel Lloyd’s plantation he was treated not as a human being. Slaves received a monthly allowance of 8 pounds of pork and one bushel of corn meal. Slaves received two shirts a year and one pair of trousers. The allowances of the children were given to their parents and older women…show more content…
As Frederick Douglas starts to become a young adult he starts to stand up against his slave masters. This sends Frederick Douglas to a number of different plantations over the years. Frederick Douglas soon escapes and makes his way to New York and then to Boston, Massachusetts. Frederick Douglass’s slave story is very different than most. One Frederick Douglass realize being an educated negro was the best way to end slavery not just being a free slave, but a free educated slave. Realizing that he being a free slave wasn’t the end of the fight for freedom Frederick Douglass becomes an abolitionist

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