Neolithic Revolution Effects On The Environment

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The Neolithic Revolution was the first cultivation of plants and domestication of animals. Neolithic Revolution means the development of the agriculture. With the emerge of agriculture, hunter-gatherers were changing their lifestyle, and they discovered the sedentary life. Hunther-gatherers began civilized with agriculture because they learned new skills, to grow their food and they began to tame animals.This changes brought good and bad things for human communities and environment such unbalanced the natural ecosystem. Moreover The Neolithic Revolution brought many changes and side effects to the environment accordingly with this, Neolithic Revolution changes the life of all people and many wildlife, involving human’s more with the environment…show more content…
Hunter gatherers only made a small impact on the environment as they moved constantly and only exploited small amounts of land for short periods. Soon they would discover the agriculture and the sedentary life. Agriculture emerged in the neolithic period, and agricultural societies came after hunter-gatherers discovered this lifestyle that was completely new to them. They learned to sow the land, to tame animals, to have their own properties such a house, tools and animals, and they started to live in one place, forming communities that grew more and more over time. Furthermore, with the discovered of agriculture came the civilization. With the passage of time, sedentaries began to invent more effective tools to make agriculture a little less heavy and more productive. Sedentaries began to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and plants nonetheless, some people still hunted animals for food or sometimes just for sport. On the other hand, agriculture is closely related to the environment for instance, sedentaries decided to stay in one place and they began to exploit a relative small amount of land very intensively and this causes erosion of the soil and the depletion of nutrients that plants need as a result, the use of fertilizers that damage the environment. Although, civilization is a good thing for humanity because agriculture is the principal way of alimentation around the world, but this has negative effects on the planet too because, to make larger communities they began to deforest large amounts of land and this is one of the main causes of the bad climate change.The change from hunter-gatherer to sedentary, made a big impact on the environment and at humans. First the process to change was little by little because nomads were learned how to live in one place and how agriculture works. In the process hunter-gatherers were discovering a lot of things such as clothes, new food, to invent new tools, to construct their
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