Essay On The Night Journey Of Muhammad

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The night journey of Muhammad (S.A.W.) is considered as a miracle for a modern mind, which started from Mecca moved to Jerusalem and later to heaven, and then ended at his home town on the same night. Therefore, the nature and purpose of the journey has always remained a question. More specifically, people are ambiguous about the journey, whether to take it as a spiritual journey or a physical one. The initial connected, along with the authentic, version of Muhammad (S.A.W.)’s ascension can be found in the well-known Muhammad (S.A.W.)’s biography written by the famous historian Ibn-Ishaq. Ibn-Ishaq 's account is an interlacing together of a variety of traditions curtailing from numerous relations of Muhammad (S.A.W.), for instance Aisha, his wife. As a consequence, there occasionally occur different forms of the similar episode which deviate almost considerably from each other.
According to most of the researchers who are Muslim, Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)’s Mi’raj was a physical ascension. It is difficult for some people to believe as it involves supernatural powers. The response is whatsoever powers the journey like this needed, they were very easy to be provided by Allah. For some people the word R 'uya gives the meaning of a visualization of the dream. They believed that the vision together with the ascension along with the journey of that night to Jerusalem was all a dream. In Arabic, this sounded specially convincing, as there is no particular word for 'dreaming '
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