Essay On The Pacific Railroad

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The railroads of America took many years to advance into what it is now. The process was fundamental to the growth of America. They began somewhere around the 1820’s and grew as the country did. Many different people throughout America were allowed to live successful lives thanks to the effect that the railroads had on their lives. The Railroads throughout America has allowed her to grow and prosper throughout the industrial Revelation. As the United States grew in size, the more the people needed a more efficient way to transport goods. Common people needed to be able to move through the states of America. Common people also needed a way to sell their goods to others. The first type of travel through the states was by road. People road on stagecoaches from station to station. This was a problem for people because the cargo was broken in the cars and people were complaining about how uncomfortable they were. Goods started being carried by…show more content…
This Bill was designed to designate the new Union Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific Railroad. The Union Pacific Railroad would be built west of the Missouri and the Central Pacific Railroad would be built eastward from Sacramento. These two tracks together would complete the transcontinental railroad. Thanks to help from the government, in 1869, the railroads were completed at Promontory Point, Utah. The Pacific Bill was very fundamental to the development of America because the railroad allowed Americans travel throughout much of the country. After the transcontinental railroad was created, the Railroad industry grew tremendously. In the 1890’s, America had over 163,000 miles of train tracks. There were also many technological advances. These advances were the agreement on the size of the standard train track, the development of the automatic coupler, and the air brake. These advances made the transportation of goods across America safer and
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