Essay On The Persecution Of Nazi People

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“A major priority of the Nazi Party was to eliminate racially inferior groups in Germany and across Europe. Discuss how and why they did this” The Nazi part prosecuted many racial and social groups during their reign from 1933-1945. The Nazi party followed their beliefs that there was a superior race called the Aryan race and used Charles Darwin’s theory of Social Darwinism to prosecute these groups. In this essay I will discuss the prosecution of the Jewish people, the homosexuals and the gypsies (Roma) and how and why they did this. The persecution of the Jewish people began when the Nazi Party blamed them for spreading defeatism nearing the end of WW1. The Nazi anti-Jewish policy functioned on two primary laws : legal measures to expel Jews from society and strip them of their rights and property while simultaneously engaging in…show more content…
The Nazis found it difficult to determine who was Roma as this was one of their main concerns. The Nazis turned to racial hygiene and sought to determine who was Romani based on physical characteristics. Robert Ritter, a child phycologist at the University of Tubingen began a racial study of Roma and conducted interviews of subjects whom he threatened if they did not reveal relatives of Romani descent and last residences. This system was effective as it established a register of almost all Roma living in Germany at that time. In his studies Ritter claimed Roma were once Aryan and had originated from India but had been corrupted by lesser races during their long migration to Europe. Eventually Roam became subject to the 1935 Nuremberg laws and were placed in concentration camps and proceeded to be sterilized. The Nazi party prosecuted many racial and social groups during Nazi Germany. The Nazi party went to extreme measures to follow their belief of social Darwinism and this resulted in the mass genocide of millions of
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