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For my book report I read the book The Pigman by Paul Zindel. The book is about two sophomores named John and Lorraine who befriend a man named Angelo Pignati over the phone while they were prank calling random strangers with two friends from school. Each chapter of the book is written in the perspective of either John or Lorraine and they are telling the story on a school typewriter in their library. John started out in the first chapter and Lorraine took the second then John took the third and it went back and forth from there. The reason Mr.Pignati is dialed was very specific rather than random. During the prank calling you had to keep whoever answered the phone on the phone as long as possible. While prank calling, Lorraine realized that one of the boys was cheating. He was peaking out from under his hand at the phone and was cheating by dialing the phone number of an old lady that enjoys talking to anyone for as long as possible because she's lonely. Lorraine tried this for herself and called someone from around the area. Mr.Pignati answered and Lorraine pretended to be a woman named Miss Truman from the L & J Fund, which was made up by John. L for Lorraine and J for John.

Mr.Pignati was very excited to have people on the phone with him. He seemed to know that Lorraine was a teenager
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He soon finds out that Bobo had died of starvation because he missed The Pigman while he was in the hospital and Lorraine and John didn't come to visit Bobo. The Pigman is so sad and can't comprehend the death of his friend. He had another heart attack and this time he didn't make it to the hospital. Lorraine was paranoid and kept shouting, “We killed him” over and over to John because she felt guilty for his death. After Mr.Pignati had died, Lorraine and John decided to write a memorial letter for their deceased
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