Essay On The Portrayal Of The Gospels In Matthew And Mark

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Michael Tomlin
New Testament
Dr. Young
Prompt 1: The portrayal of the disciples in Matthew and Mark The books of Matthew and Mark are two Gospels of the New Testament that shows a lot of similarities in the ways they portrayed the ways of Jesus. The book of Matthew has been considered in many cases the most important Gospel in the New Testament. As we all know Matthew is the most Jewish of all the other four gospels and mainly focuses on the deeds of Jesus. Matthew was an educated man with a Jewish background. The book of Matthew is dated, depending on the dates of Mark, which according to conservative scholars is after seventy AD. John Mark was the author of the book of Mark who was a disciple of Peter, however, Mark was more associated
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In the Gospel of Mark, he was more aware of things and knew more about Jesus than others did and considered him as a servant. In the Gospel of Matthew, he considered that Jesus was more of a king other than a servant due to all the miracles that Jesus did. For instance, a parallel passage between Matthew and Mark was that of the story about Jesus walking on water. In Mark’s account, the people were astounded at the act by Jesus, but in Matthew’s account, they were terrified and thought it was a ghost. Matthew also looks at Jesus as the new Moses because Moses was considered more of a leader and led God’s people out of Egypt and into a peaceful place other known as the promise land.
These two Gospels are similar in ways in which no other Gospels are except for Luke. These two books are part of the synoptic gospel because they are similar in many ways. The Gospels of Mark and Matthew share a lot of different miracles in the same way. One, for instance, is the miracle of Jesus as he silences the storm from harming the people of the boat after he was spotted walking on water. These miracles go on and on in both Matthew and Mark as another miracle by the healing of the paralytic. As you can see, both have parallel passages and similarities in the

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