Essay On The Power Of Power

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Imagine having the power in your hands to have someone that caused you grief hung, to press a button and vaporize a million people, or write a document and be free but, start a war. Throughout our history influential power is always lopsided. Not everyone can have the exact same amount of power their neighbor does. Imagine a world like that; there would not be any kind of government, no society, also no conflict resolution. Those who possess power always take action whether it is positive or negative; also, possessing power doesn’t mean deserving it, power in many aspects is one of the most unstable things known to man.

First, while some people with power mean well, and try to alter things for the better, there is sometimes a negative
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“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Acton). It is human nature to excel; nobody wants to get worse at something. Also people want to excel on the social food chain; the higher one arises in society the more power they gain. Although, if one gets too high above the middle class, like in the case of a monarchy, there is no one to answer to. There is nobody fear, the primitive instinct of domination sets it and corruption becomes rampant. Power is dangerous yet it’s marvelous, one must take caution if they have control, or the power will take them.

Power is unpredictable, there is always too much or too little, if one has too little power they cannot be effective. If they have to much, the power takes control of them and they become corrupt. Whether it be causing hysteria over a crush, or ending the lives of hundreds of thousands of people to end a war. The course of humanity has been decided by those in power and power itself, think of all of the amazing things power has done, but remember all of the atrocities it has committed. Power influences humanity now, it has influenced our history, and it will dictate our
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