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Progressive era is a time in which it led from 1890 to 1920 it was widespread social activism and political reform across the united states. The main objective of the progressive movement was eliminating corruption in government. woman had no rights before then but got there rights in the era.In 1913 the sixteenth amendment was passed that amendment gave congress the right to set up an income tax that would fair to everyone. The progressive era was the cause of many beneficiaries that still benefit america till this day.
Body Paragraphs (2-3 paragraphs depending on question) (incorporate details/examples from graphic organizer Problems and solutions in the era, People that were responsible for resolving the problems in the era why the progression era was needed and how it started. important people that significantly stood out in the progression era. The goals were to strengthen democracy by giving local populations more control over the government, progressive introduced referendums, initiatives and recalls.To eliminate corruption, particulary at the miniciple level. The federal reserve system was created by the congress to provide a more safer, and flexible more stable monetary and financial system. created on december 23 1913
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Teddy Roosevelt won the 1912 presidential election One of Theodore Roosevelt most noted business regulation moves wasa 1902 lawsuit under the sherman antitrust act which broke apart the railroad giant northern securities company. he also negotiated the end of coal strike in pennsylvania. The united states forestry was also created under roosevelt`s administration in 1905, with gifford pinchot appointed as its first chief. When theodore was elected he made up his mind to break up large business monopolies and

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