Essay On The Pros And Cons Of The Civil War

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Civil War
Leading up to and during the civil war both the North and the South ran into many troubles along the way leading to the climax of the combat. The North going into the war had a more widespread army that almost tripled at times the amount of soldiers claimed by the south and more support coming from many different sources. However, military leadership was not very adequate towards the onset and, the amount of desertions from the north almost doubled that of the south. The south on the other hand had quite capable leadership from beginning till end having more of passion going in to the conflict but, many variables that the south predicted to go about didn’t quite come to fruition thus, ultimately causing the souths hierarchy to crumble.
Coming into the civil war the
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The south’s economy also halted due to the union’s barricade thus causing a halt in their cotton distribution. The south’s plan to gain the assistance from Britain also failed when the motivation behind the Civil war switched gears to slavery. However, despite all the disadvantages the south did have some pros over the union. Some military advantages include more advanced military leadership. Some big names in the south’s chain of command included Robert E. Lee, and Thomas “stonewall” Jackson and both proved to be extremely valuable when it came to their strategic placement of their men on the battlefield.
In conclusion both the north and the south had very distinct military, and economic pros and cons. The north with the “Anaconda plan” and the amount troops led by the Ulysses Grant, and their superior economy. The south with their superior military leadership and the amount of troops loyal to the south. However with the resolution of the war the union proved to be superior and took home the
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