Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Senior Year In High School

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Will it be more effective for government funding and to high school students to entirely cut out senior year? Topics like this one stir up conversations and arguments.
Even though other things in life play a crucial part, education and literacy are the two most crucial parts of people. Both of these aspects in life, however, either include having homework, taxes, or senior year. Based on the class discussions most of the students agreed that senior year is just as important as the other grade levels, however, some students said homework wasn’t important. Senior year, for most students, is the year they look forward to the most because they get more opportunities.
Coming from Walter Kirn, senior year is, “ adolescent Mardi Gras.” In that case, if high schools were to get rid of senior year, teachers would still have to teach the required curriculum that would of been taught senior year. Therefore, that information would have to be taught to the students in the three years of high school. Students wouldn’t be able to fail any classes, because the teachers would have to rush through sections or chapters in order to have to teach all of the curriculum for the year. Out of the four years of high school
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Cutting homework or senior year, will make the education process harder for most students who learn at a slower pace. The four articles we read in class gave us all different viewings to how and why it’s important for people to have in their life. In Frederick Douglas and Malcolm X, they wrote about how they didn’t get the same opportunities as other to get educated because they were a different race, however, both of them took the time to self educate themselves and were successful. Education and literacy have been the two most important parts of people 's lives. In today’s society, everyone gets the same opportunities as each other when it comes to

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