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The health history of coffee just hit the green light after standing at the red one for a quite a while, now. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of coffee throughout the years. According to 2 recent studies: The more coffee you drink – the longer you’ll live. Results from the studies unfold the ancient polemics about the coffee’s health effects. One of the studies analyzed over half a million people in 10 different European countries. Which makes it the largest study of it’s kind on coffee and mortality thus far. Scientists found a close link between coffee consumption increase and risks of mortality decrease. The second study was rather unusual, as it surveyed only non-white populations. After analyzing over 185.000 Hawaiians, Latinos,…show more content…
It turns out that smoking doesn’t fade the effects of coffee away at all. Additionally, it doesn’t matter if you’re a smoker or not, you’re still going to obtain the health benefits of coffee. On the other hand, Dr. Alberto Ascherio disagrees with the new discoveries and explains why people should be wary of them. According to him, counteracting the effects of cigarettes by drinking coffee is a dangerous proposition and a borderline to insanity. He dismisses the decrease of 10% death risks by coffee consumption. Stating that it’s not significant enough compared to how much they increase them by smoking. The reasons behind people who don’t drink coffee especially in places like Europe or the US where coffee is a such a huge commodity may be due to health issues. And the higher rate of mortality at smokers may be attributable to their bad health, to begin with. Final Summation These and the previous studies indicate that there’s no harm from drinking coffee whatsoever for the majority of people. As a matter of fact is beneficial for our health. Feel free to implement a rather moderate coffee consumption into your daily diets for a healthier

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