Essay On The Pros And Cons Of The Wade-Davis Plan

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Teagan Crisamore 802 In this essay I will be explaining the pros and cons of each plan then explaining which one is better. In the Wade-Davis bill the cons were: Having to Pledge to the union and Only white males who didn 't fight could vote,President Lincoln did not like this plan but Wade Davis made President Lincoln realize he would have to compromise. The Wade Davis bill also made it hard for people to vote so they started looking at the 10% plan. In the 10% plan the pros were : Only 10% of voters had to pledge allegiance to the union , there would be a new constitution to ban slavery and offered amnesty to the southerners or official pardon for illegal acts supporting the rebellion. The cons were: you had to swear an oath to the U.S and had to agree that slavery was wrong , most people agreed that the 10% plan didn 't go far enough and the amnesty did not apply to confederate leaders. In the Johnson Plan the pros were: If you wanted forgiveness you can ask the president (but Johnson did this to humiliate the other leaders). There was equal rights for blacks , The southern states had to…show more content…
Some people might have thought differently about the 10% plan. Like The Radical Republicans, “Many leading Republicans in Congress feared that Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction was not harsh enough, believing that the South needed to be punished for causing the war. These Radical Republicans hoped to control the Reconstruction process, transform southern society, disband the planter aristocracy, redistribute land, develop industry, and guarantee civil liberties for former slaves. Although the Radical Republicans were the minority party in Congress, they managed to sway many moderates in the postwar years and came to dominate Congress in later
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