Pros And Cons Of Drug Testing Essay

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There are many definitions that one can get in the dictionary if he or she searched for the word “drugs” in the dictionary. A drug is a substance that is used as a medicine, but on the other hand, it is also an illegal and often harmful substance (such as heroin, cocaine, LSD, or marijuana) that people take for pleasure. For teenagers, the drug testing process may be aggravating and they might feel uncomfortable and violated, especially when they are not using drugs. But drug testing also has some advantages. It can bring something good for the parents like knowing that their son or daughter is not involved in drug use. Drug testing also helps in schools and in the society. It lets the school officials and the government officials if the teenagers are getting involved in drug use. If they knew that their teenagers are involved in drug use, they can easily help them to recover. Although drug testing has advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Walters (2002) stated that “Using drugs can have a variety of negative consequences for young people: Whether it is failing to live up their academic or social potential, getting in trouble with the law, or jeopardizing the health and safety of themselves and…show more content…
The fact that a lot of teenagers are getting severely involved in drug use, there is really a need for them to be drug tested every year. The government and the parents of the teenagers should support the said drug testing every year because it will help them and also the teenagers who are getting involved in drug use. Teenagers should not feel bad about being drug tested because it for their own good. If they are negative to drug use, it is good. And if they are positive for drug use, they must not feel paranoid and ashamed of themselves; many people can help them recover from that part of their life. Drug testing in schools or at home are both essential for the teenagers and to the

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